Interior Design


Interior designers draw upon many disciplines to enhance the function, safety, and aesthetics of interior spaces. Their main concerns are with how different colors, textures, furniture, lighting, and space work together to meet the needs of a building’s occupants. Designers plan interior spaces of almost every type of building, including offices, airport terminals, theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and private residences. Good design can boost office productivity, increase sales, attract a more affluent clientele, provide a more relaxing hospital stay, or increase a building’s market value.

Scope & Career of INTERIOR:

  1. Interior Designer,
  2. Self Employed
  3. Interior Design Coordinator
  4. Interior Design Director,
  5. Interior Design Consultant,
  6. Corporate Designer,
  7. Project Designer,
  8. Project Manager,
  9. Design Assistant,
  10. Design & Planning Consultant,
  11. Certified Kitchen Designer,
  12. Color and Materials Designer,
  13. Commercial Interior Designer
  14. Decorating Consultant,
  15. Director of Interiors

Career of INTERIOR:

  1. Commercial Buildings need INTERIOR designer
  2. Airports need INTERIOR designer
  3. Shopping Malls  need INTERIOR designer
  4. Hospitals , Office complex need INTERIOR designer
  5. Residential buildings need INTERIOR designer
  6. Boutique & shops need INTERIOR designer
  7. Institutions need INTERIOR designer


  • This course is designed for Undergraduate & Graduate students